Water 15L refil
Water 15L refil

Water 15L refil


The bottle comes filled with our Warrior Water.

Please leave out your empty bottles for collection or bring into the office as Warrior Water, works on a SWAP’n’GO system.

Warrior Water works on a SWAP’n’GO system, however many  bottles you order, the same amount should be left out/returned  for exchange.

Else if that bottle is not returned, you will have to pay the deposit amount of $20.00 for that extra bottle.

Each bottle of water goes through a 9-step purification process to ensure the best quality of drinking water. It has a 15L capacity and robust carrying handle, perfect for carrying and moving the bottle easily.

Our bottles are designed to fit our range of stylish bottle cradles, and decorative ceramic bases and refrigerated coolers for your water consumption. Great for at home, business or industrial.

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