Small Water Well With Spike
Small Water Well With Spike
Small Water Well With Spike

Small Water Well With Spike


Designed to fit neatly on a kitchen or office bench this well is great for space-saving and requires no electricity. This ceramic well is the perfect solution for having cool, pure water available in small spaces, avoiding the waste and hassle of single-use plastic bottles.

With a built-in piercing spike, simply turn the Warrior Water bottle upside down into the ceramic well and enjoy cool, pure water dispensed through a faucet. Ceramic has the added benefit of keeping the water at a cooler temperature without the use of electricity.

Available in High Gloss White

Decorative Designs Are Also Available (While stocks last): Black Lotus Flower, Blue Water Drops. 

CAUTION: Dispenser will become slippery when wet. Hold & wash dispenser with care.

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