Terms of Use

Terms of Use


We maintain this web site as a service to our customers, and by using our site you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use. Please review the following terms and conditions carefully and check them periodically for changes. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you should not review information or obtain goods, services or products from this site.

  1. Each purchase must have a minimum of 2 bottles paid in advance the day before delivery.
  2. To ensure the safety of our delivery person, please make sure no animals are loose, else we will leave the bottles at the front gate.
  3. Best effort will be made to deliver bottles to main door, otherwise bottles will be left at property entrance. E.g. front gate, front path way closest to curb, or unless an agreed location to store bottles is organised.
  4. Warrior Water cannot be held responsible for any loss of bottles, or accessories after delivery has been made.


First Time Bottle Purchase:

If you are a new client each new re-useable bottle requires a deposit of $20. Each first time purchase bottle will be filled with Warrior Water for FREE. 

A minimum of 2 bottles must be purchased for free delivery, it is recommended to get 3 bottles so one is always in use, while the other 2 get replaced. To ensure delivery is on time payment must be made before delivery.

Recurring Bottle Purchase: Please leave out your empty bottles for collection in a suitable location as Warrior Water works on a SWAP’n’GO system. The amount of bottles you leave out for us to collect, is the amount you get back in return and charged directly. A fee of $10 applies for delivery of under 2 bottles. Each additional bottle will incur a $20 deposit for each bottle, this is to be paid before delivery of the additional bottle or otherwise stated with cooler hire agreement. (Please refer to first time bottle purchase – above)

The following days relate to required payment for delivery and the locations for delivery:

Thursday – Post Codes 4610, 4611, 4612.
Cut off time – Orders are to be in by 2pm Wednesday.

Friday – Post Codes 4600, 4601, 4605, 4606, 4608.
Cut off time – Orders are to be in by 2pm Thursday.

Warrior Water warrants that the service will be paid for in advance, upon delivery. Estimated delivery times are between 8:30am and 4:00pm on designated delivery days.

Water Cooler Hire

The Customer agrees to hire the Equipment from Warrior Water for the Minimum of 24 months unless otherwise agreed upon.  Any cancellation or termination of this Agreement by the Customer prior to the conclusion of the hire period is at the Owner’s discretion remainder of the water cooler hire agreement is to be paid in full.  If cancellation of water coolers is needed, it will need to be arranged for us to come and collect the cooler. DO NOT remove the cooler, we will come and take it away.

Acceptance of Agreement

You agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms and Conditions of use Agreement (“Agreement”) with respect to our site (the “Site”). This Agreement constitutes the entire and only agreement between us and you, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties and understandings with respect to the Site, the content, products or services provided by or through the Site, and the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended by us at any time and from time to time without specific notice to you. The latest Agreement will be posted on the Site, and you should review this Agreement prior to using the Site.



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